• My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

    by Shawn Merithew on December 20, 2015
    Luke 2:21-35

    In this passage of Luke, we continue to explore how Christ was welcomed into the world at the time of His birth. He was the Author of the Law, born under the Law in order to fulfill all righteousness. His parents were faithful to fulfill all that the law required concerning his circumcision, presentation in the temple, redemption price, and the sacrifice for Mary’s cleanliness. Even more, when Simeon beheld the Christ child, he erupted with praise, proclaimed the good news, and warned of how Christ Himself would be the dividing line of history, separating believers from unbelievers.

  • The Miracle of the Infant Christ

    by Shawn Merithew on December 13, 2015
    Luke 2:1-20

    Jesus was born among a conquered people to a common family under coarse conditions, but every circumstance surrounding His birth was in accordance with the sovereign purpose of God. From the proclamation of the angels to the earnestness of the shepherds, we see the good news of salvation begin to unfold before the world and we learn again the wonder of the incarnation as we are brought to the manger to worship heaven’s King.

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