by Shawn Merithew on September 21, 2011

    As we have worked our way through Matthew’s gospel, we have frequently encountered the concept of personal humility.  We are to be a humble people because Christ was a humble Savior.  We saw this reality again on Sunday morning in Matthew 21:1-11.  Jesus is the Perfect (more…)


    by Shawn Merithew on September 13, 2011

    Almost weekly, I take the time to read some news and blog sites to keep abreast of current events and current theological and ministerial perspectives.  I often come across material that is curious, controversial, or just down right concerning.  This week was no exception as I encountered an article entitled “3 Keys to Living the Life You Want” by Dr. Jean Houston, a “researcher in human capacities.”  In the article, she contends that we live in an unprecedented time where there is a “surging of the human spirit, a virtual (more…)

  • In the Beginning God Spoke

    by Reid Ward on September 6, 2011

    Andrew Fuller said of Genesis 1, “In the first page of this sacred book a child may learn more in an hour than all the philosophers in the world learned without it in thousands of years. There is a majestic sublimity in the introduction. No apology, preamble, or account of the writer: you are introduced at once into the very heart of things. No vain conjectures about what was before time, nor why things were (more…)

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