• Is “How People Change” in Sunday School really a “Bible study?”

    by Tom Hicks on August 29, 2013

    How People Change

    Interestingly enough, Bible teaches us that there are many different ways to study the Bible. If we focus on just one of the ways we’re supposed to study the Bible, then our knowledge of the Bible, of Christ, and of ourselves will be greatly impoverished. Let me list (more…)

  • Why Study "How People Change" in Sunday School?

    by Tom Hicks on August 5, 2013

    How People Change
    Tim Lane and Paul Tripp
    September 8 – December 8

    I don’t normally favor having video series and workbook studies in Sunday school. But Tim Lane and Paul Tripp’s study, How People Change, is an important exception. The pastors body has asked us to have this fourteen week study in (more…)

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