Our Leadership

"Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. . ." ~Hebrews 13:7~

The Bible tells us that when Christ established the New Testament Church through the Apostles, the leadership of the local church was entrusted to specially appointed men called Pastors. While the Pastors, sometimes referred to as “Elders” and “Shepherds,” led through teaching the truths of the faith, other men were then appointed as Deacons to help them serve the church by taking care of the material needs of the people and the ministry. Morningview is led in exactly the same way. You can read about Morningview’s current Pastors and Deacons below.


From the very beginning of the New Testament church, God raised up men to serve the material needs of the people and ministries of church in roles of Christ-like servant leadership. These men came to be known as “deacons.” As in the early church, deacons at Morningview serve alongside our pastors and lead our congregation in sacrificial service. If you spend any time at all with us, you’ll see our deacons doing everything from leading in prayer to visiting the sick to helping in the nursery. We are thankful to God for them and could not be who we are without them.

To contact our deacons, please email our deacon chairman.

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