How We Are Organized

At Morningview, we want to make sure that our church is structured according to the Bible’s commands. When we look at the scriptures, there are a few aspects of Christ’s church that become evident.

First, Christ’s church is shown to be congregational. This means that all the members of thechurch help make decisions rather than having the leaders make all the decisions. In Acts 6 you can see the whole church choosing their deacons, in Acts 13 you can see the whole church send out missionaries, and in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians you can see him command the whole church to practice church discipline. Paul doesn’t address this only to the leaders of the church but to all the believers.

Second, there is always a plurality of Elders or Pastors. This means that instead of one leader over the church, there are many. You can see Paul use the plural when he calls for a meeting of the Elders of the church in Ephesus in Acts 20:17. In 1 Timothy chapter 3 Paul gives a list of qualifications for the office of Elder/Pastor.

In light of scripture, our church is a congregational church with a plurality of Pastors. We do not take these responsibilities lightly. Because our congregation is responsible for choosing our Deacons and Pastors, it is important that we are walking in the Lord and having our lives informed by the word of God so that we make wise and godly decisions. Likewise, our Pastors are able to hold one another accountable and to point one another to the word of God. There is no one in our church who is not accountable to someone else.

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