If you are a Christian, you need a church, and a church needs you.

The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. Believers need one another and the graces that come into their souls through life of local church. It is such an important part of the Christian life that Bible commands believers to not forsake it!

If you are a believer in our area and not a part of a local Bible-believing church, then we invite you to consider joining with us at Morningview.

To join Morningview, the first step is to sign up for our New Beginnings Membership Class. This will help you get to know more about our church’s history, what we believe and how we live life together as a community of faith. After completing the membership class, if you believe Morningview is the church for you, then the next step is simply to schedule an interview with one of our pastors. There’s no reason to feel intimidated. This is just an opportunity for us to get to know your story in person and to answer any remaining questions that you may have about our church or our membership covenant.

After the interview, believers wishing to join Morningview are presented to the congregation by the pastors for final affirmation and are asked to sign our church covenant. This is a joyful experience that your interviewing pastor will lead you through.

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