Where were you in the Spring of 1949? For most of you, this was long before you were born. For some of you, your parents weren’t even born. Yet today, you are beneficiaries of blessings handed down to you by brothers and sisters who had a vision to plant a new church in the Morningview neighborhood 68 years ago. During their first twenty years, these precious saints of Morningview Baptist Church prayed and sacrificed to build most of the beautiful campus that we enjoy today. We benefit from their legacy of faithfulness, and now it is our turn to invest in the future of Morningview.

As you all know, the buildings in which we meet are not ‘the church’; the gathered children of God are the church. However, our buildings and grounds are quite important to our ongoing ministry. This is where over 400 of us gather on a regular basis for fellowship, prayer, and the ministry of God’s truth. This is where 110 students attend what I believe is the premier classical Christian school in central Alabama. This is the sending base for numerous ministries that have significant impact in our local community and around the globe. And as we look toward the future, we hope to be a major training center for the next generation of pastors, church planters, and missionaries.

Therefore, since the Fall of 2014 when we presented Vision 2020, we have been discussing necessary repairs and updates that need to be made to our building. We have over a million dollars of deferred maintenance needs that must be addressed. At the same time, we have the opportunity to update our worship, fellowship, education, nursery, and welcome spaces to a level that will serve our body and our community well for the next fifty years. This is a matter of biblical stewardship, and it is a reflection of how we love and care for one another. So now is the time for us to pray and take action.

“Flourish in Faith” is what we have chosen to call this capital campaign. The campaign will last six weeks, beginning with our Kick Off on Sunday morning, March 5th and concluding with a Celebration Sunday on April 9th. On Sunday evening, February 26th, I will seek to provide the biblical impetus for being good stewards of our meeting space. Later that same week, you will receive a packet in the mail with all the plans and information. On Sunday evening, March 5th, we will have an open Q & A session with the entire capitol campaign team. Then after the campaign has concluded, the entire congregation will have the opportunity, at our quarterly business meeting in April, to discuss and decide how we move forward together.

Right now, all that I ask you to do is PRAY. Take the next few weeks to intentionally pray for God’s wisdom to be supplied to our leadership. Pray that our church family would draw near to God in faith and love Him in obedience. Finally, pray for the collective courage to step forward into an under-taking that only God Himself is capable of completing. I love you all dearly!

For His Glory!

Pastor Shawn
February 8th, 2017

Flourish In Faith Brochure

Flourish in Faith Campaign Schedule

February 26th
6:00 Evening Service
Pastor Shawn teaches on the biblical basis for being good stewards of our meeting space

March 5th — “Kickoff Sunday”
12:00 “Kickoff Tailgate BBQ”-video in sanctuary, event on NE church lawn
bring your outdoor blankets and chairs, food and drinks will be provided by the church
enjoy inflatable bouncy house for the kids as well as outdoor games for all 5:00 Prayer Service
6:00 Evening Service: Open Q&A with the Capital Campaign Team after specifics of plan are presented

March 12-27th
Adult Sunday School Presentations and Fellowship Q&As
Please check with your class leader for more information about these events

March 28th
Day of Prayer and Fasting
Use this day to assist in your spiritual preparation as you decide how to sacrificially participate

April 2nd-8th
“Flourish in Faith” leaders visit and receive your confidential pledge cards and first fruit gifts

April 9th — “Celebration Sunday”
Return pledge cards during the Morning Worship
6:00 Family fellowship at Rockin’ Jump, food and admission provided

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