We are a family, and we are made up of a diverse group of folks and families of almost every shape and size.

A common bond
We are a bunch of people who may have very little in common except that Jesus is enough to cause us to love each other. And so, we work really hard at loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and loving each other as part of ourselves.

A guiding principle in that is the idea of generational faithfulness; the passing down of one’s spiritual heritage from one generation to the next as a means of producing a legacy of God-honoring, Christ-serving, kingdom-advancing faithfulness from one generation to the next, and the receiving of that heritage from the generation that came before us.

We strongly believe that a healthy church is a generationally diverse church.  It is a place for God’s people in all walks of life from the youngest to the oldest.  Children, parents, singles, senior adults . . . all have a place in the life of a healthy congregation and each have something special to offer.

At Morningview, we are seeking to bring generations together to grow in grace and truth.