Senior Adult Fellowship

The hope of the Gospel carries our souls through all the seasons of life. It is light in times of darkness, strength in days of weakness, and hope in seasons of trial and turmoil.  The Gospel is for all of us, youngest to oldest.

Our eldest saints at Morningview are a warm-hearted group of men and women who care about each other and about passing on a legacy of faithfulness to the younger generations.  They represent an invaluable wealth of wisdom and experience for our congregation. Many of our seniors have invested four or more decades of their lives to our church family and are still among the most committed servants in our ministries.

Beyond their faithful service in many of our ministries, our senior adults meet for a fellowship meal and program (PrimeTimers) fairly often and share in many other off-campus fellowship trips throughout the year.   To find out more about our senior fellowship events you can check our church calendar or contact our Senior Adult Ministry Coordinators here