Family Worship Tips

At its most basic level, scripture commends three primary elements for the worship of God. These three are songs of worship, Bible study, and prayer. These things are the basic components of all cooperate worship and they are, even in their simplest forms, all that the Christian family needs to establish the worship of God in the home.

We encourage all of our families to join together in at least one of these elements every day and beyond that to set aside regular times in each week for intentional times of worship together.

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Family Worship Guides

This year, our pastors have challenged the church to begin praying through scripture. We are starting this great practice by learning to pray through the Psalms. As help for our families, we are publishing a family worship guide for each week of the year featuring a Psalm that church family is praying through, a hymn of the week and three focus question from our children’s catechism. You can join us and get started with both praying through the psalms and with family worship by downloading this week’s family worship guide here.

Your family can also join us each week as we walk through the Bible in our homes using our comprehensive 2008 Family Worship Guide.

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