• The Faithful Servant

    by Rick Quave on February 12, 2017
    John 7:1-13

    Believers are engaged in the ongoing process of sanctification, progressively becoming more and more like Christ. As we study the nature of Christ in Scripture we see traits that should increasingly characterize our lives. In this brief interlude, John shows us four characteristics of a faithful servant. Seeing how these traits are modeled by Jesus during a difficult season of ministry should serve to help in continue to grow in grace and Christ likeness.

  • The Words of Christ

    by Rick Quave on February 5, 2017
    John 6:60-71

    Have you ever thought about abandoning your faith and leaving Christianity? Life brings many challenges to the heart of the believer but none match the words of Christ. When we read what Jesus requires of us in Scripture our hearts should despair for we do not have the means to meet the demand. But there is good news, all that God requires Jesus has satisfied. The words of Jesus are hard, but the word of Jesus are life. In this sermon we see how the apostles come to realize that Jesus was the only source of life as He is the Holy One of God. Their hope, as does ours, rests completely in Him.

  • Feeding on Jesus

    by Reid Ward on January 29, 2017
    John 6:52-59

    John tells us that he writes this gospel so that we might, by faith, come to have the eternal life that is found only in Jesus. In this section, we have been shown that the sustenance of the spiritual life is something other than the sustenance of the physical life. Jesus appeals to the scriptures of the Old Testament, pointing to a new and better covenant. He pictures the contrast by returning to the idea of bread; the bread of Moses was perishing bread, for perishing people, but the Bread of Christ brings eternal life. Eating is believing, and Jesus’s flesh is the bread of eternal life. Upon this idea the Jews not only go from questioning to grumbling, but from grumbling to disputing among themselves; a first indication that their obstacle was not understanding, but believing. Therefore, in this passage, we will find the Disputing Jews, the Flesh of Life, and the Partaking of Flesh.

  • Christ, Our Manna from Heaven

    by Cody Floate on January 22, 2017
    John 6:41-51

    Jesus is continuing to expound on what it means for Him to be the living bread from heaven. We are not to follow Christ because of what we get from him materially, as the Jews are doing in this text, rather we are to follow and believe in Christ in order to get Christ! He is our true manna from heaven. He is the only one who can nourish and satisfy our souls. It is also in Christ alone that we are saved, preserved through this life, and resurrected on the last day. So do you believe on this Jesus?

  • A Test of Faith

    by Reid Ward on December 18, 2016
    John 6:1-15

    In this third section, we have seen the growing opposition toward Jesus from the religious leaders of His day. Jesus answered that opposition by explaining His equality and the ultimate unity of His works with the Father. These verses describe one of our Lords most remarkable miracles. As we walk though this story together, we see first that the place and time where this takes place is clearly noted, to give greater evidence of the truth of the story. The circumstances are specified, so that the details may be proven. We will be encouraged to see that when true faith is tested it is for our sake, for the sake of God’s provision and salvation for those around us, as well as to display Christ’s compassion, power, sufficiency, and humility.

  • Four Witnesses to Jesus

    by Jon English Lee on November 27, 2016
    John 5:30-38

    Why do you believe Jesus is the Son of God? This sermon explains how John the Baptist, Jesus himself, Jesus’s works, and the Father all bear witness to Jesus’s identity as the Son of God.

  • Jesus Removes the Barriers to Belief

    by Joel Thompson on October 30, 2016
    John 4:43-54

    In this passage a government official’s desperate search for Jesus leads him from Capernaum to Cana. To the man’s astonishment Jesus heals his dying son with a word from 20 miles away. This miraculous sign resulted not merely in the physical healing of his son, but in the spiritual salvation both of the official and his household. Jesus removed he barriers to the man’s belief by a word of corrective reproof, a word of simple direction, a word of confident assurance, and a word of life-giving power.

  • The Compassion of Our Christ

    by Cody Floate on October 16, 2016
    John 4:16-26

    Christ here puts his compassion on full display as he gently exposes the sin of the Samaritan woman and guides her in the truth of what true, new covenant worship ought to look like.

  • Eternal Water for Perpetual Thirst

    by Reid Ward on October 9, 2016
    John 4:1-15

    Jesus demonstrates the content of the gospel to a Gentile woman (the least of these), in terms of giving eternal water to the perpetually thirsty. He helps this woman see the eternal realities of salvation by grace through faith, despite the temporal realities of her sin and shame, by confronting her confusion with instruction and encouragement.

  • The Conquering Love of God

    by Rick Quave on September 18, 2016
    John 3:16-21

    Since the fall all of mankind has been under the curse, blind to their condition and to the way of salvation that has been provided by God the Father through God the Son. Nicodemus was a man who came to Jesus in the darkness, blind to the mystery of salvation. In this passage, Jesus explains to him that God’s love for his people overcomes all obstacles to their salvation. Listen and consider the conquering love of God.

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