Frequently Asked Questions

What are your worship services like?

When you join with us on a Sunday morning for small group bible study or for corporate worship you’ll find a warm and caring group of people who are joyful in God’s grace and united in thankfulness.  We are also family of families and so you’ll probably see lots of children.

We believe that God has set apart one day a week for His people to rest in Him and to worship and so we begin and end Sundays in bible study, prayer and worship.  If you join us for morning or evening worship, you’ll find us singing both timeless hymns of the faith as well as some great new songs that celebrate God’s ongoing work in his church.  After our time of singing and prayer, our of our pastors will take a text from the bible and “unpack” its riches for us in what we call an  “Expository” sermon.

We believe that it is important for families to experience worship together, but we also know that it can quite a stretch for the little ones.  Should  you want to take advantage of it, we have a quality nursery available for all children 3 years old and under staffed with a great group of loving folks.

What will happen when I visit the first time?

If you are visiting for the first time, you’ll probably meet several folks who make it a point to introduce themselves and welcome you, but we will not embarrass you, have you stand up, or single you out in any way.  We always have a time of offering as a part of our worship services, but this is primarily for our members and you should feel no obligation to give money.   We are delighted to have folks visiting with us and we understand that choosing a church family can take time.  If you have questions about who we are, how we do things or what we believe, please feel free to speak to any of the pastors that you see in the service that day.  We would love to talk to you!

What do I wear to worship services at Morningview?

You’ll find all types of dress in our services.  As a church, we believe that worship is a time of encouragement, refreshment and joy, but above all of these we believe that corporate worship of the gathered church on “The Lord’s Day” is weighty thing  and therefore it should be marked by humility and reverence.  Of course, true reverence and humility are postures of the heart and not functions of our wardrobe.  At Morningview some folks express their reverence by dressing more formally while others express that same heart by intentional simplicity.  Don’t ever let worries over clothing styles keep you from worship and or from seeking a church home when you need one.  Don’t let them keep you from visiting with us.  We would love to see you!

What about my children?

We really can’t understate how important children are to us.  We believe they are, each one, a precious gift from God to be treasured, cherished, protected and nurtured in His truth and love.  For your youngest children, we have a clean and safe nursery staffed by a team of trustworthy caregivers.  For all of your school aged-children we have a variety of exciting teaching and ministry events that they will love.  In all our children’s ministries and events, we promise that your children  will learn about the bible and the God who wrote it and loves them even more than we ever could.

Do you have midweek services or events?

Yes!  In addition to Sundays, we also meet on Wednesday evenings for a  fellowship meal and midweek bible study.  We have AWANA clubs for Children 6th Grade under, a special bible study and worship time called “FUEL” for all of our students and large group Bible Study for Adults.

How can I meet others and get connected?

The first and best thing to do is to begin attending one of our Bible Study Groups on Sunday morning.  These groups are structured to help you  connect with others and to grow together in faith through bible study.  Once you have learned a bit more about the life of our church and think that Morningview might be a church for you, please contact us or let your bible study leader know that you are interested in our  new members class.

How can I grow in my faith and be descipled?

We believe that God has called each local church to make “Mature, Reproducing, Disciples of Christ.”   In fact, we believe that God has connected this process to the local church so completely, that it really can’t happen any other way.  In short, if you are a Christian, you need a community of faith just like a plant needs water.  You need a local church family.

At Morningview, we are growing together by seeking to faithfully do the ordinary things that have sustained God’s people for generations.  We study the bible together.  We worship together.  We learn each other’s names and carry one another’s burdens.  We pray together . We help one another in times of need and we work to maintain a bond a loving biblical accountability.  We live life together.

We certainly do use great programs to help us in those things (like AWANA clubs) and we also offer a large rotation of classes through our MIT program that are designed to help Christians go deeper in their faith.  These things are helpful, but they are only a small part of life in local church.

If you want to grow in your faith, you need the community of a local church committed to the bible and to one another.  If you are not engaged in local church, we encourage you to find a strong one close to you and get connected to God’s program of growth for your soul, his church.

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