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The Bible and Same-Sex Attraction

What does the Bible say about same-sex attraction? Is this a question on which Christians can agree to disagree? What if you have same-sex attraction? How should Christians treat those with same-sex attraction? This sermon answers those questions and more.

Answering Cheap Grace

Is it possible to be a Christian and live a life of sin? Does salvation by grace mean that we can live as we please and still go to heaven? Are good works necessary for final salvation? Many today teach that grace is cheap, that a one-time decision, experience, or prayer, is all that is required for salvation and eternal life. This sermon looks at what the Scriptures say is necessary for assurance of salvation and eternal life.

Standing Firm in Faith

The Apostle Paul had been waiting for word from Timothy as to how the Thessalonian church was faring in the midst of persecution. In this text, Paul rejoices jubilantly over the good report brought back to him. His expression of joy over his children in the faith demonstrates the bonds of love and concern that should bind all believers together in their local church.

Answering New Challenges to Justification

The biblical teaching that God justifies us by faith alone is being assaulted today. Many false teachers are saying that God makes us work for our relationship with Him. But the Scriptures are clear that God accepts us because for Christ’s work alone. Listen to this sermon to hear the wonderful biblical truth that God’s free justifying grace costs us nothing, but cost Christ everything.

Tempted and Tried

Ecclesiology is about more than proper church officers, structures, and discipline. A right ecclesiology also helps one recognize their particular place in the body of Christ as well as the place of the Body of Christ in their life. In this sermon from First Thessalonians, we learn, through Paul’s example, some critical truths about how we are to sacrifice, love, and encourage one another in the church.


Answering the Prosperity Gospel

This sermon corrects the heresy of the prosperity gospel, which teaches that if we trust God and follow His instructions, He will give us health, wealth, and success in this world. The biggest problem with this view is that it makes God into a way to get earthly treasures, instead of seeing God Himself as the great treasure.

Answering New Challenges to Inerrancy

Is the Bible the inspired Word of God? Is it every word of Scripture true, or is a book of ancient myths and made-up stories? Peter Enns says that the Bible contains factual errors and that Christians should simply own up to that fact. This sermon answers Enns’ distinctive assault on the Bible’s authority.

The End of the Matter

What does it mean to be wise? What are the qualities of a wise person? In these last verses of the book of Ecclesiastes, we learn that wise people find the right words, follow the one Shepherd, and fear God and keep the commandments.