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The Handwriting on the Wall

Pride, worldliness, and narcissism shows itself in outright rebellion against God. In this passage, Belshazzar foolishly exalts himself over God, refuses to listen to God’s warnings, and as a result, he receives God’s severe and immediate judgment. This passage is a warning against hardening our hearts against God’s Word, but it also points us to the Lord Jesus, who was judged in the place of sinners who trust in Him and repent of their sins.

From Faith to Faith

In this second sermon on the theme of the Book of Romans, we explore the nature of God’s redemptive righteousness and it’s results in the believer’s life. Through this text, we are brought to understand God’s purpose in attaching justification to faith as well as how the believer is to subsequently live by faith in Christ.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Humiliation

What happens when people proudly refuse to listen to God’s Word? How should we speak to proud people? This sermon tells the story of a very personal conflict between God and Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar proudly asserts his authority and rule. But then God graciously demonstrates His sovereign rule over Nebuchadnezzar.

The Fiery Furnace

What kind of faith is necessary to resist the temptation to bow our knees to false gods? How can you be willing to give your very life for the sake of obeying and honoring the one true God? This chapter of Daniel shows us how God is with us in every trial, that He never leaves us nor forsakes us, and that He keeps all of His promises.

Not Ashamed

Are you ashamed of the gospel? Having expressed his desire to minister to the church at Rome, Paul continues in his opening chapter to state the thesis that he will unpack and apply through the rest of his epistle. Though the world considers the gospel message to be foolish, he is not ashamed of the truth on which he stands, for the gospel is the power of God to all who believe. As we consider our own life in Christ and witness in this world, we must ask ourselves, “Are we ashamed of the gospel?”

The One True God vs the false gods of Babylon

This is a war between the false gods of Babylon and one true God. What happens to people when their gods are silent and powerless? What happens to people, when their God speaks and acts with power? Listen to find out.

Our Holy Obligation

Is uniting with a local body of faith optional for the believer? Many in our world today think so. Such poor ecclesiology is one of the reasons we have so many weak churches and so many immature Christians. In this exploration of Paul’s very personal words to the church at Rome, we see a true heart for God’s people as well as six principles that reflect our holy obligation to one another within the local church.

Exiled in Babylon

Nebuchadnezzar attacks Jerusalem and takes Daniel and his friends into captivity in Babylon. The king has a program to indoctrinate Daniel and his friends. How do they fare? Listen to this sermon to find out.

Called as Saints

Those who are in Christ are the Saints of which the New Testament speaks. As His saints, we minister for the sake of His name, and we rejoice in our Father’s grace as those who are called and beloved by Him. This sermon explores the rich details of God’s calling to salvation, His love for all His image bearers, and His special covenant love for those He makes His own.

Do Not Forsake the Assembly

Why is it important to gather for worship with God’s people? What’s really happening when we assemble in Christ’s name? What are the consequences of forsaking the assembly? This sermon answers those questions and more.