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The Tabernacle’s Construction

In these chapters, we have the people stepping forward to complete all of the articles for the tabernacle according to the plans revealed to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai. As we reflect on its construction, we see six different lessons emphasized that speak to us of God’s character, our place as His people, and the manner in which He is to be worshiped.

Be Bold and Act

Wisdom entails bold action. Too often people are paralyzed by fear and uncertainty about the future that keeps them from acting in wise obedience to Christ. This passage teaches us why we can trust God, keep His commands, and leave the outcome of actions to Him.

Gifts and Givers

Israel is finally to the point of beginning construction on God’s Tabernacle. Through their deliverance from Egypt, the people had come to know YAHWEH as a ‘Giving’ God. Through their sin with the golden calf, they had come to know YAHWEH as a ‘Forgiving’ God. Now was their opportunity to have their perspective of God shape their perspective of obedience and giving to the construction of God’s dwelling place. How does your perspective of God shape your perspective of giving?

Wisdom in Words and Works

What is a wise person like? This sermon shows that the chief expression of wisdom is found in our words and our works. Quiet wisdom is better than power; calmness is better than anger; gracious words are better than evil words, and work is better than sloth.

Reflecting His Glory

Upon descending from his second 40 day stint on Mt. Sinai, Moses is aglow with the glory of God. The manner in which he reflects the splendor of YAHWEH serves to reaffirm Moses’ leadership of Israel and God’s presence among His people. But if we turn to the New Testament, to 2 Corinthians 3, we receive Paul’s interpretation of this text in all of its Christological significance.

The Renewal of the Covenant

As God renews His covenant with Israel, He repeats many of the moral and ceremonial laws that He gave to His people earlier in the Exodus account. This repetition served the purpose of reminding the people of His holy requirements after they had sinned so grievously with the golden calf. The principles reflected in this exchange serve to remind us of how seriously God takes our worship of Him, our identity in Him, and our service to Him.

The Promise of Christ

In Romans 4, we have Paul linking salvation in Christ to God’s promises to Abraham made back in Genesis. In this sermon, by guest speaker and former Morningview pastor, Greg Belser, a stark contrast between the power of the law and the promise of salvation is clearly contrasted to draw the believer’s attention to the beauty of Christ.