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Believe, Confess, and Be Saved

Two of the verses from this text in Romans 10 have appeared in virtually every biblical gospel tract over the last half century. They describe how saving faith is appropriated in the concert of heart belief and verbal confession. In this sermon, we explore the nature, the expression, and the result of true faith, as well as God’s confirmation of His promise that He abounds in riches for all who call upon Him in faith.

The Faithful Servant

Believers are engaged in the ongoing process of sanctification, progressively becoming more and more like Christ. As we study the nature of Christ in Scripture we see traits that should increasingly characterize our lives. In this brief interlude, John shows us four characteristics of a faithful servant. Seeing how these traits are modeled by Jesus during a difficult season of ministry should serve to help in continue to grow in grace and Christ likeness.

The Righteousness Based on Faith

At this point in chapter 10, Paul is continuing to use the tragic error of the Jews to highlight the incredible gift of God’s grace to the nations. As the Apostle quotes from Deuteronomy 30, he is demonstrating how Christ is the fulfillment of everything God promised to Israel. Through the clear contrast of law and gospel, we are meant to realize once again that human effort has no part in our salvation and that God, in Christ, deserves all the glory in our gospel obedience and witness to the nations.

The Words of Christ

Have you ever thought about abandoning your faith and leaving Christianity? Life brings many challenges to the heart of the believer but none match the words of Christ. When we read what Jesus requires of us in Scripture our hearts should despair for we do not have the means to meet the demand. But there is good news, all that God requires Jesus has satisfied. The words of Jesus are hard, but the word of Jesus are life. In this sermon we see how the apostles come to realize that Jesus was the only source of life as He is the Holy One of God. Their hope, as does ours, rests completely in Him.

The Marks of True Revival

In this sermon, Dr. Don Whitney discusses the essential marks of true, biblical revival taken from Acts, chapter two. In this sermon, he shares that the evidences of true revival reveal God’s might, place a renewed emphasis on Christ, are accompanied by dramatic results, and result in sacrificial devotion to God.