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Seeking Wisdom in a Broken World

How are we to think and live in a limited and broken world? This sermon teaches to seek wisdom by meditating on death, by receiving correction from the wise, and by patiently persevering in during trial. We’ll only live joyfully in this broken world if we live wisely.

The Punishment of God, Part 2

Moses has returned from his meeting with God to find the people running wild in debaucherous idolatry. After smashing the tablets with the 10 commandments, destroying the golden idol, and confronting Aaron, the camp remains in upheaval. Thus, Moses calls the Levites to cleanse the camp with the sword. He then ascends the mountain to offer himself in Israel’s place in order to satisfy the wrath of God.

Love God Not Wealth

This passage warns us about the consequences of loving wealth. If you love wealth, you will never be satisfied because your heart was made to be satisfied by something greater than this world. And, if you love wealth, then you will actually be dissatisfied and deeply disappointed in life. Lasting satisfaction is found in God, and if you know His love, then you will be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

The Big Picture

Exodus is a story of Adoption. God set His heart on a people, He delivered them out of their slavery, He gave them His identity, and He called them his own. As the people of God, we are called to serve Him, love Him, fear Him, and represent Him by following His example. And from Deuteronomy 10, we understand that we are to care for the alien, the orphan and the widow.

The Process and Responsibilities of Church Discipline

What actually takes place when the church practices church discipline? This sermon takes a look behind the scenes of church discipline cases, explores the biblical teaching about the authority of the pastors and the authority of the congregation in discipline, and examines what kind of judgment the church is to render in cases of discipline.

The Punishment of God — Part 1

After interceding for Israel before God, Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai to find the Israelites engaged in a festival of idolatrous debauchery. After smashing the tablets of God’s commandments and obliterating the golden calf, he confronts Aaron with his sinful failure of leadership. Through this text, we are taught much about how we are to deal with our own idols as well as how NOT to respond to biblical confrontation.