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Racism, Tragedy, the Gospel, and God’s Sovereignty

The major problem with America is me and it is you. It is the anger in our hearts that is directed at others rather than at our own sin problem. It is the indifference to human suffering that plagues the church. Racial reconciliation comes when we are reconciled to God! When we confess our sin and trust in Christ alone for salvation. There is no racial distinction before God. He is LORD OF ALL, abounding in riches for all who call on Him. And when I am in Christ, I learn that I am my brother’s keeper — that injustice and heartache and the lostness of even ONE are the concern of us all.

The Intercession of the Holy Spirit

What happens when we are so weighed down by the weight of our sufferings that we do not even know the words to pray? What happens when, in our human wisdom, we do not know what is the best option to pray for? The answer is, when we cannot pray or do not know what to pray, we can trust that the very Spirit of Almighty God is making deep intercessions for us. Though we are weak, He composes in our hearts deep groanings that are perfectly aligned with the will of our Father.

In Hope, We Persevere

We are saved by faith into hope: into the confident expectation that God will do all He has promised — that our conviction of things not seen, our faith, will one day become sight. Our hope rests upon five firm theological foundations, through which we see that each member of the Godhead is active in securing our hope. Because our Lord secures our hope, we will persevere to the end, knowing that Christ is and must be our first and greatest desire.

Christ the Divine King and Priest

Psalm 110 sets forth God’s decree that Jesus Christ will govern the world politically and spiritually as the Divine King and Priest. The Psalm reveals the LORD’s Oracle of Christ’s Reign, the LORD’s Oath of Christ’s Priesthood, and the LORD’s Overthrow of Christ’s Enemies.

The Glory Yet to Be Revealed

The question comes, “if God is so loving and so good and our salvation is so great, why is there the necessity of suffering?” The answer Paul gives us here is because we are redeemed people still living in the midst of a sinful world, and though we already have the blessings of forgiveness and adoption and growing sanctification in the Holy Spirit, God’s consummation of history remains a future event. So we trust our Father and joyfully endure the trials of this life knowing that God’s promise of our glorification remains yet to be fulfilled.

Heirs of God, Fellow Heirs with Christ

Though Paul speaks earlier of us either being slaves to sin or slaves of Christ, God means for His children to look far beyond that metaphor and understand that He has brought us, not merely to a new master, but into a new family relationship. As adopted children of Almighty God, we know Him as our “Abba” Father. Thus, His love for us and our love for Him, as testified to by His indwelling Spirit, is our motive for killing sin, the ground of our assurance, and our hope in suffering.

Christ Turns Water Into Wine

What is Jesus Christ like? What is it like to be a follower of Jesus Christ? Listen to this sermon about Christ’s first miracle, turning water into wine, in which the Bible teaches us about the character of Christ and what it means to be His follower.

Who Are the Sons of God?

As we come to Romans 8:12, Paul moves from instruction to exhortation, giving us one of the most essential evidences of those who are truly sons of God: killing sin. The critical practice of killing sin in your heart is evidence of the fact that you have been justified in Christ alone. So walking in Christ means that you are by nature someone who is making war on your remaining sin, thereby manifesting that you are indeed in the Spirit and of the sons of God.