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North and South

Nations constantly fight and war against one another, and sometimes, God’s people are caught in the fray. When that happens, God’s people suffer and sometimes experience persecution. This passage teaches us that God sovereignly rules over the ebb and flow of worldly power, to trust Him, and hold fast to Him, no matter what happens in the world.

The Supremacy of Christ

Jesus Christ is supreme over creation, the church, and over individual salvation. Many people think and live their lives as though other things are supreme, but the Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus saves His people and rules over all things for His glory.

A Vision of a Man

Have you ever experienced great suffering? Have you ever watched someone else suffer and felt helpless to do anything about it? This passage teaches us how a true sight of our great Savior strengthens us to endure sufferings and difficulties and glorify God. And it teaches us what we need to do in order to find comfort and strength in Him.

Arguments of the Condemned

As Paul continues to refute the arguments of his Jewish brethren, we see the twisted lengths that sinful human beings will extend ourselves to in order to justify ourselves before a holy God. To accuse God of unrighteousness, to contend that our sin promotes God’s goodness, or to claim that our sin magnifies His grace — these arguments and others like them are born out of hearts that are justly condemned by a holy God.

Daniel’s Seventy Weeks

This is one of the most difficult and controversial passages in the Bible relating to prophecy. This sermon deals with the “seventy weeks” of biblical prophecy that spans from the decree of Cyrus until the coming of Christ, the destruction of Jerusalem and the final antichrist. In this prophecy, God exhorts His people to endure patiently, while He accomplishes the fulness of His redemptive purposes.

God is True, Though Every Man a Liar

In all the universe, the only perfectly trustworthy person is God. His promises are always sure. His Word is always true. His will shall always be accomplished. In this first sermon from Romans three, Paul reminds the Jews in Rome that there are great advantages to being Jewish. However, God’s promises are tied to faith, not to rituals of the law.

Daniel’s Prayer

What does the Bible say about how we should pray? How do God’s providence, God’s Word, and prayer relate to one another? This sermon looks at Daniel’s model prayer of exaltation, confession, and supplication and shows how God’s love motivates us to pray faithfully.

Who Is the True Circumcision?

Sometimes people can mistakenly think that they are ‘saved’ because of some outward ritual or sign. There are many groups and denominations that even teach this heresy. But according to the Scriptures, we are saved by grace through faith — not by baptism, not by church membership, not even by our obedience to forms and rituals and laws. As we explore Paul’s argument to his Jewish brethren regarding circumcision, he affirms this critical truth: justification is by faith in Christ alone.

The Wretched Heart of Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is a charge frequently leveled against the church, and it is not undeserved. God’s people sometimes struggle with consistency and with being judgmental. As Paul wrote to the church at Rome, he also anticipated a hypocritical response from his Jewish brethren on the subject of their sinfulness and guilt before almighty God. Thus, through Paul’s insightful words, we learn what hypocrites typically boats in as well as how they are typically exposed. We then conclude with valuable lessons for believers from this passage.

The Ram, Goat, and Little Horn

Rulers of ancient kingdoms were evil tyrants, echoes of the serpent in the garden, and shadowy anticipations of the Antichrist to come. Listen to this sermon to hear how we should think and live in a world ruled by evil men.