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The Formal Tabernacle

In this part of Exodus, God is revealing the plans for the tabernacle in stages, moving from the inside out. He began with the most central and most important ceremonial object in the tabernacle — The Ark of the Covenant.  Now He provides the instructions for the Table of the Presence, the Golden Lampstand, and the structure of the Formal Tabernacle Tent.  All of these items emphasize the reality of God’s presence in the midst of Israel as well as teaching how people must approach His holiness.

Offering Our Best

When we give, our primary thinking should not be that we are paying the pastor’s salary, that we are keeping the power and water on in the building, or that were supporting the latest mission trip and youth program. That may indeed be what our offerings support, but our giving is to God Himself. It is first and foremost FOR HIM.  That is what this text helps us define — the motives for Christian giving.

They Saw God

What is the significance of seeing God and feasting in His presence?  That is what is revealed to us in the second half of Exodus 24.  In the completion of the covenant ceremony, we are shown the theological significance of beholding YAHWEH and how it is only by the blood of sacrifice that sinful men can enter the presence of Holy God.

The Conquest of the Land

God’s attention now turns to the Promised Land — the people of Israel were going to a place where they would face many temptations to turn aside from the covenant God was making with them. YAHWEH wanted them to understand that the motivation for taking His covenant seriously was HIM. All of the law He had just given them was a means to one end: the people had to be faithful to the Lord upon whom their well-being entirely depended.