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Daniel’s Prayer

What does the Bible say about how we should pray? How do God’s providence, God’s Word, and prayer relate to one another? This sermon looks at Daniel’s model prayer of exaltation, confession, and supplication and shows how God’s love motivates us to pray faithfully.

Who Is the True Circumcision?

Sometimes people can mistakenly think that they are ‘saved’ because of some outward ritual or sign. There are many groups and denominations that even teach this heresy. But according to the Scriptures, we are saved by grace through faith — not by baptism, not by church membership, not even by our obedience to forms and rituals and laws. As we explore Paul’s argument to his Jewish brethren regarding circumcision, he affirms this critical truth: justification is by faith in Christ alone.

The Wretched Heart of Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is a charge frequently leveled against the church, and it is not undeserved. God’s people sometimes struggle with consistency and with being judgmental. As Paul wrote to the church at Rome, he also anticipated a hypocritical response from his Jewish brethren on the subject of their sinfulness and guilt before almighty God. Thus, through Paul’s insightful words, we learn what hypocrites typically boats in as well as how they are typically exposed. We then conclude with valuable lessons for believers from this passage.

The Ram, Goat, and Little Horn

Rulers of ancient kingdoms were evil tyrants, echoes of the serpent in the garden, and shadowy anticipations of the Antichrist to come. Listen to this sermon to hear how we should think and live in a world ruled by evil men.

There is No Partiality with God

In broad camp that is labeled evangelicalism, there are many destructive ideas that have contaminated our theology. One of them is that God is somehow partial to “religious” people. Paul had to deal with this same notion among his own countrymen in the first century. In this text, Paul dismantles popular Jewish opinion to help us all understand that regardless of who we are, where we are from, or how much we have been exposed to Scripture, we all stand guilty before a holy God.

The Antichrist

What does the Bible teach about the Antichrist? Is he an historical figure or is he someone we should be anticipating in the future? What should Christians do and how should we think about the Antichrist? This passage of Daniel is the most important in the Old Testament in answering those questions and more.

The Great Divide

We are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone, but on the day that we stand before the judgment throne, we will be judged according to our works. Those who have lived according to their selfish ambitions in rebellion against God will suffer for all eternity in the torment of hell. Those who have persevered in godliness will receive the blessings of eternal life, honor, peace, and the matchless glory of Christ.

No Exceptions, No Excuses

After setting forth the theology of universal human sinfulness and God’s judgment in Romans 1, Paul anticipates the response of his Jewish brethren. They would heartily agree with Paul’s condemnation of the Gentile world. Thus, Paul turns to address the deadly nature of their self-righteous hypocrisy and help them understand that all of us are without excuse before our Holy God.

The Wicked Fruit of Depravity

This final passage of Romans one contains the third statement of God’s judicial abandonment of sinful men. Because men did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them over to depraved minds. The result is that human thinking, character, and behavior is utterly unrighteous and wicked. So much so that men not only perpetrate evil, but give hearty approval to those who join them in it.

Given Over to Due Penalty – Part 2

Homosexuality is, in itself, a judgement of God upon sinful humanity. Just as biblical marriage is a living parable of the relationship between Christ and His church, homosexual marriage is a living parable of how humanity has traded the truth of God for a lie and now worships itself. The truth is that sexual sin is pandemic to all of humanity, but thankfully, no one is beyond the reach of Christ’s love and grace. This sermon explores the specifics of homosexual behavior in Romans 1:26-27.