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The Word Became Flesh

Jesus Christ came into this world to identify with sinners and to reveal God to men. When He came, He brought with Him a new covenant. Listen to this sermon to find out how Christ identifies with us and how we are no longer under the old law covenant, but that grace and truth has arrived in Jesus Christ.

The Role of the Law

The Law does not save us or justify us because we are all sinful and not one of us is able to keep the law perfectly. The law itself, or our obedience to the law, is also not the basis of our sanctification. Christ, through His Holy Spirit sanctifies us, enabling us and giving us new desires that cause us to depend upon Christ and to pursue His example. But the standard that the Spirit directs and guides us to is God’s moral law, given by God in the Old Testament, expounded and modeled by Christ Himself in the New Testament. God’s law is what exposes our depravity, and therefore it is holy, righteous, and good.

Encountering the Risen Christ

In a world filled with greed, disease, suffering, terrorism, violence, and death, there is one certain cure, one message of hope, one source of eternal life: Jesus Christ is Risen! What does that mean for believers? It means we are both recipients and stewards of the greatest gift in the universe. In this sermon from John 20, we explore the gifts that compose the commission that Christ issued to His disciples when He made His first post-resurrection appearance to them.

Is the Law Sin?

“Is the Law Sin?” No. In the hand of God, the law is holy and righteous and good as He uses it to establish His perfect standard, to reveal and convict us of the depths of our sin, and to direct us on the path of righteousness. But when the law is wielded by our sin nature, it emboldens and incites us to greater sin, resulting in our condemnation and death. Here in Romans seven, Paul defends the righteous function of God’s law while also revealing the insipid way our sin nature uses the law against us.

Dead to the Law, Joined to Christ

Marriage is an amazing institution, and it is one that God uses continually throughout the Bible as a metaphor to illustrate the power of certain relationships. Here in Romans 7, we see Paul use the idea of marriage, death, and remarriage to illustrate how our relationship to God’s law changes when we are saved. In verses 1-3, he establishes the analogy of marriage which he then applies in verses 4-6. From these verses, we see that we are either (1) Wed to the Law, and Bearing Fruit for Death, or (2) Wed to Christ, and Bearing Fruit for God.