What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be a little intimidating. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what to expect. Here's what you'll find.


If you’ve been on our site for very long, you’ve probably already noticed some stained glass and double Windsor knots. If you don’t think God’s impressed by that, don’t worry, we don’t either.  As a matter of fact, we think that God is only impressed with one person, and that person is Jesus.

We are blessed with a beautiful (and somewhat historic) worship space, and when we get together for corporate worship on Sunday mornings, we do think that it is pretty important . . . but that’s not because we are there, but because God is there.  He promises to be uniquely present when His people meet to worship Him, and we think that is an amazing, wonderful, and “weighty” thing.

Our times of corporate worship at Morningview are structured to not only lift our minds and hearts to our great and glorious God, but also to strengthen our souls in the wonder of our great God’s love and mercy for a broken and needy humanity.  We sing historic hymns together to remind ourselves of His faithfulness to generations upon generations of those who have gone before us, but we also celebrate Him in great new songs that remind us of His ongoing work in His people today.

If you join us for a morning worship service, you’ll hear some of those historic hymns and perhaps a few orchestral instruments.  If you join us for an evening worship service, you’ll experience a few more of the modern hymns led by some of the talented folks who form our band.  Either way, we hope that you come away from your time with us amazed at both the majesty and the mercy of the God we love and serve.

We don’t all wear the same clothes, but we do all share the same conviction that God is worthy of worship and welcoming to all who call upon Him through faith in His son.


We believe in preaching.  Not because we like to hear ourselves talk, but because we are utterly lost and without hope unless we can hear God speak.  We believe that the Holy Scriptures are wholly true, without error and are, in fact, God’s inspired word to us.  No, we don’t think preachers  are infallible, but we do believe that God is pleased and honored when His truth is rightly proclaimed by those He has equipped to serve His church.

God’s truth as revealed in His word is the centerpiece of the Christian’s life, and so also it is the centerpiece of our church and our worship.  When we gather as a church for worship on the Lord’s Day, everything we do together flows from our desire to be a people who are filled with God’s word.  It lifts our hearts, instructs us in grace-filled and merciful living, heals our wounds, and most importantly, leads us to look outside ourselves and instead look to Jesus.

Sermons are the high point of our worship services together. They  are usually between 40 to 55 minutes in length and are best received with a Bible close at hand.  Sermons at Morningview are almost always a direct explanation and “unpacking” of a specific text of scripture.  Expect to be encouraged, to be challenged, and to hear God’s own voice as His truth is proclaimed, taught and applied every Lord’s day at Morningview through preaching.


We believe that there are two ordinances prescribed and given to the Church through the apostles: Believer’s Baptism and Communion. In any given service at Morningview, you may encounter one or both.

In both ordinances, there is a picture of God’s grace and a representation of the Christian’s hope. Believer’s Baptism is an individual Christian’s public profession of faith in Christ, while Communion, also called the Lord’s Supper, is a type of reaffirmation of faith in Christ, but one which actively involves the whole gathered church family.

If you are present with us in worship for Communion, we invite you to enter with us into prayer and self-examination in light of the cross of Christ.  If you are not a member of Morningview, but are a baptized believer and a member of a church committed to biblical Christianity, you are welcome to partake of the elements of communion: the bread and wine which represent the body and blood of Christ.

If you are interested in Believer’s Baptism at Morningview, please read more and then please feel free to contact our staff or one of our pastors.


We are a family of many families, and just about any time you find our doors open, you’ll find children. We love that and thank God for it!

The Bible is abundantly clear that children are some of God’s most amazing gifts and should therefore be treasured and rejoiced in.  When you visit Morningview, you’ll find specific bible study groups for children of all ages, a nursery for all children 3-years old and under, and a group of committed volunteers and staff who want to serve God by teaching your children the Bible, and then helping you to raise your children to know and love the God of the Bible.

We believe that family plays a critical role in the spiritual growth of children.  Because we believe that, we also believe that families should experience worship on the Lord’s Day together.  When you visit with us in worship, you’ll see and hear lots of children, and we think that is a good thing.  We do know that it’s hard for our little ones to engage with a whole service, and parenting while in the pew can be a challenge as well.  In order to help our families with young children, we provide a children’s bulletin for each service which has a few worship-directed activities that you can do with them during worship.  We also provide a moment during the service just before the sermon where all children 3-years old and under can be escorted to the nursery by our volunteers.

Bible Study

If you would like to arrive at Morningview before one of our worship service, you can join one of our small group Bible study classes.  We have Bible study and fellowship groups for people of all generations as well as a few that join together folks of all ages.  When you arrive on campus, simply tell one of our greeters where you’d like to go, and they will take you there.  All Bible study classes finish up about 10 minutes before corporate worship to allow plenty of time to make your way to the worship center or to pause for refreshment or some good conversation.

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