Welcome to our members area. Here you can share prayer requests and find additional resources. Login with your username to get started. If you’re not a member, click here to discover more about Morningview or learn more about membership at Morningview.

Online Directory: AccessACS

AccessACS serves as our online membership directory.  You can go here to update your contact information for the church mailings and also to find contact information for other members of Morningview.  To get started click here.  If you are having trouble, please email us or call the church office at (334) 272-2304.  After receiving your credentials, you can also download the “ACS Church Life” app for iOS or Android to access our directory on your mobile device.

Prayer Forum

Prayer is one of the most important things that we do together as a church family.   Besides attending our prayer meeting, Morningview members can also share prayer requests with one another through our private prayer forum.  To start using the forum, simply follow the instructions on the login page to request a username and password from the church office.  Once you have received your username, you can change your password here.

What’s for Dinner?

Every Wednesday evening during our regular programming months, we start the night with a meal in our fellowship hall. Sharing a meal together is great Southern tradition and we would to share one with you, so please do drop by if you can

Members Facebook Group

One of the ways our member stay connected with one another is through a group page on Facebook. This group is for current Morningview members as well as former members who have moved out of the area, but still serve with church ministries as they can. To join this group, just follow the link and the directions on Facebook to request membership in the group.

Current Bible Study and Fellowship Groups

Morningview offers a variety of Bible Study and Fellowship groups that meet every Sunday morning before corporate worship.   You can discover a more about the current leadership and bible study focus of each our groups right here.


Connect with MorningView Baptist Church

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