• Whatever Is Not from Faith Is Sin

    by Shawn Merithew on February 11, 2018
    Romans 14:20-23

    In this final sermon from Romans 14, Pastor Shawn summarizes the 10 principles that Paul has given to protect unity and foster love within the church when believers hold differing convictions on secondary matters. The nature of the conscience is discussed as well as how faith is to be the basis for all we do in the Christian life.

  • The Nature of the Kingdom

    by Shawn Merithew on February 4, 2018
    Romans 14:6-19

    What is the Kingdom of God about? Is it about eating and drinking and the observance of days? Is it about clashing over minor rules and wants and differences? Or is it more? Have we not belittled the Bride for which Christ died when we seek our own ends at the expense of our brethren? Paul’s words in this part of Romans 14 are given to help believers remember that we must value Christ and His kingdom more than our preferences and convictions on secondary matters.

  • Be Not a Stumbling Block

    by Shawn Merithew on January 21, 2018
    Romans 14:10-15

    If a believer sincerely thinks that partaking of something would be dishonoring to God, if his conscience — even in weakness or immaturity — is convinced that something is unclean or profane before God, then it is indeed unclean, and for him to partake of it is sin. You see, faith is trusting in the sufficiency of God, being content with all that He is for you and has for you. When you act against your own spirit-directed conscience, you are valuing something more than God. That is why being a stumbling block is such a serious sin.

  • We Are the Lord’s

    by Shawn Merithew on January 14, 2018
    Romans 14:5-9

    In these verses of Romans 14, we are told to be fully convinced of our own convictions, realizing that Christians can go to God’s Word seeking to love Him and glorify Him in obedience, and be personally led by God in secondary matters to do opposite things to the glory of God (vs 6). It is then important to understand the right foundations for Christian convictions, as well as the greater truths of Christ’s Lordship that help us to submit our convictions and priorities to His higher purposes.

  • Glory by Death

    by Reid Ward on January 7, 2018
    John 12:20-26

    As Jesus has carried out His earthly ministry, all things have been building to a climax. Jesus has been revealing more and more about himself, and the result has been a greater dichotomy between the crowd and the religious leadership of the people. As more people have come to believe in Jesus, and many more have begun to follow Him, the opposition from the Jewish establishment has also solidified and increased. We have seen the great turning point, starting in the last chapter. In this passage, we will note; The Coming of the Greeks, Jesus’ Response to the Greeks, The Analogy of Grain and Fruit, and then Two Results, or Applications, as Jesus predicts and proclaims that His glory will come by death, and in the same way the glory of His salvation comes by our identification with Him, through our death to self.

  • Accept the Weaker Brother

    by Shawn Merithew on January 7, 2018
    Romans 14:1-4

    Alcohol consumption, tattoos, watching “R” rated movies, Courtship vs Dating, Sacred vs Secular Music, Public School vs Homeschool — How are we to live with one another when our convictions on these different matters can be so very different and so very strong? In this text, Paul frames his discussion of Christian liberty and being stumbling blocks by commanding us all to live in a spirit of love and deference when we find ourselves in disagreement about non-essential matters.

  • Made Like His Brethren in All Things

    by Shawn Merithew on December 24, 2017
    Hebrews 2:17-18

    In Jesus, we have perfect divinity united with perfect humanity in One person, thereby making Him the perfect representative of men to God and God to men. In these final verses of Hebrews 2, we encounter three more blessings of the Incarnation: Jesus is now our merciful and faithful High Priest, He has made full propitiation for our sins, and He is our strength when we face temptation.

  • Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

    by Shawn Merithew on December 10, 2017
    Romans 13:11-14

    In these final verses of chapter 13, Paul stresses the urgency of our call to love by reminding us that the Day of Christ is near. In light of Christ’s coming, we are to live as children of the day, putting aside the deeds of darkness and putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. How do we array ourselves with Christ? By cultivating our relationship with Him. We seek Him, we read His Word, we pray, and as we draw near to Him and know Him, we become like Him — we manifest His character.

  • The Character of the Body: Love

    by Shawn Merithew on October 8, 2017
    Romans 12:9-10

    The ideal of Christian ‘love’ is one of the church’s favorite subjects to expound, but it is too frequently the one where we fall the most short. In this sermon, we explore the character of Biblical love and how it is to be displayed within the Body of Christ. Biblical love originates with God, is marked by purity, and seeks all that is good and righteous for the beloved.

  • Faith and Works

    by Terrance Jones on October 1, 2017
    James 1

    How far does faith go without works? The answer, not very far. The overflow of faith is obedience to the commandments of God. As believers, we are called to thrive in good works, to love our neighbors, to fight sin, and to pray. Most importantly, we are called to love the very One who created us and redeemed us. The book of James shows us how genuine faith is display in a love of God’s commands.

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