What is “Expository” Preaching?

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In our Sunday services, you will notice that the sermons are “expository” in form.  This doesn’t mean that a sermon has to be long, but it does mean that a sermon has to be “complete” insofar as it faithfully unpacks and explains the essential truth of a given passage of scripture and how it applies to us.

Though many passages of scripture might be referenced, expository sermons are carefully focused on and rooted in just one passage of Scripture.  The structure, main idea, and application of the sermon all reflect the structure, main idea, and context of the passage.  To put it more plainly, it is preaching what the text says, verse-by-verse, while faithfully demonstrating how all of Scripture points to Christ (John 5:39).

Most often, our pastors work through entire books of the Bible at a time.  We believe that this type of preaching is faithful to the text because it commits the preacher to delivering the truth revealed in the passage, and it is also faithful to the church because it requires that the preacher specifically apply the passage to the congregation today.  A commitment to expository preaching is basically a commitment to do all that we can to hear what God has said in his word to his people in the past and what his word is saying to us now in the present.

We believe that expository preaching is important because the last thing we need is to just hear more of ourselves talk.

Through His Word, God has spoken . . . and that’s what we need to hear.

. . . for more on why we are committed to Expository preaching at Morningview, consider the these crucial benefits that Tony Merida, author of the book Faithful Preaching, notes for us:

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