• Why have a Corporate Prayer Time?

    by Tom Hicks on August 22, 2014

     Beginning this fall, our church will have a regular time of corporate prayer each Sunday. This emphasis on praying together will be a part of a larger vision to do all that the Bible requires us to do without adding time to our Sunday schedule. In a few weeks, we’ll be
    rolling out this vision so you’ll be able to see how all the parts work together. For now, consider the following reasons that we believe our church should be praying together.

    Trinity1. The Trinity. God is not merely “one.” He’s also a community of three persons. Each person of the Trinity communes with each of the other persons of the Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit all pray to one another (Matt 3:16-17). What does that have to do with corporate prayer in the (more…)


    by Shawn Merithew on August 31, 2010

    Many Christians feel defeated in their prayer lives.  To pray even five-to-seven minutes seems like an eternity, and their minds wander much of that time.  “I guess it’s me,” many conclude.  “I’m just a second-rate Christian.”  No, if you are indwelled by the Holy Spirit and generally seeking to live in obedience to God’s Word, then the problem likely isn’t you, but your method.  Of course, there is no method that will enliven prayer for those who do not have the Holy Spirit.  But (more…)

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