Our New Logo and New Look

As you can see, things look a little different around here. Our old website and logo had gotten to be a little outdated and didn’t really reflect the culture of our congregation anymore. As we have grown and changed, we thought that our website and logo should reflect that.

Something Old, Something New

At Morningview, we love the historical church and its rich history. We know that we didn’t get here on our own and we owe a great debt to those faithful saints who stood for the truth in ages past.  We love to sing the old hymns, read the classic theologians, and of course read about the first century church recorded in the Bible. Church history is wonderful because it is our heritage. It’s how Christ has preserved the gospel for his people through the ages. By reaching back to those great voices throughout church history, we are connecting with the greater body of God’s people. But we aren’t an “old” church. We aren’t stuck in the past longing for some bygone era. We are a church full of people of all ages, all with a vision and a desire to serve Christ.

PrintThat’s why our new logo had to be classic enough to convey our ties to the historical church but also modern enough to convey that our church consists of people living and engaging with society in the 21st century. The first thing you will notice is the historical feel of the cross design. It gives a sense of old liturgy and stained glass. At the same time, clean, defined lines and a sans-serif typeface give the brand a contemporary feel. It’s modern design with ancient style.

Cross Centered

Though we love the historical church, it would be nothing without the cross of Jesus. So as we thought of something simple to sum up the identity of our church, what better symbol than the cross? It is the symbol that the church has used for nearly two thousand years, and it still defines us today. Christ purchased his church at the cross, and we have no problem being identified with that. That is why our logo is the cross.


However, there is a little more to it that we have hidden in the logo. You may notice that the design of the circle around the cross seems to be pointing inwards. That’s because it is. There are arrows pointing to the center because that is the type of church we hope to be, a cross centered church. Furthermore, it may be harder to notice but the body of the cross is formed out of M’s. This is to say that Morningview is gathered around the cross and as a body we are taking up our cross daily to follow Christ. By joining with Him in His death, we know we will join with Him in His resurrection.

New Website

With our new logo, we’ve updated our website to be easier to navigate. We want all that our church has to offer to be easily accessible offline as well as online. We’ve designed the site around large images of our members because we want our website to be just another extension of our fellowship. We hope this new design more accurately reflects the life of our church for our members and our visitors alike.

Though the site has a finished feel, there’s still more to come.  As we’ve often said recently, we want to grow as a congregation in prayer together.  In addition to refining our design for mobile devices, we’ll also be opening up a member’s only forum where we can share our burdens with one another and pray for each other and the needs of our community.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our site and our new look.  As in all things, we want to honor Christ together as we strive to be good stewards of the resources He has given us.