Pray for Our New Lay Pastors

It is always exciting to welcome a new pastor to a church.  Especially when so many aspects of ministry tend to get put on hold while new leadership is sought out.  But then the day comes when you get to meet the person who is going to be your new spiritual shepherd – you get excited about building a new relationship and you look forward with anticipation to the new era of leadership that is about to begin.  It is an occasion of special significance in the life of a church.

Well, we are about to experience a very special transition here at Morningview, but we are not welcoming one new pastor, we are welcoming 6 new pastors; and the delightful thing is that you already know these men.  You have spent time with them, you have worshiped with them, you have heard them speak and pray, and even now, you are benefiting from their leadership gifts.  They are men that you chose and nominated to serve our church in the biblical office of Elder, and you will get to see who they are this coming Sunday.

These six candidates will be presented in our morning service this coming Sunday, July 19th.  Then there will then be an informal meet-and-greet Sunday evening from 5:00 pm to 5:50 pm in the Youth Big Room on the third floor.  This will be a time to mingle with the men and ask any questions that you might have for them as they prepare to assume this role of leadership for our church family.  They will then be presented again in the regularly Scheduled Business Meeting this Sunday evening at 6:00 pm.  Lord willing, our church will then hold a vote of affirmation by paper ballot on Sunday morning, July 26th.

As we prepare for these events and continue to align ourselves with our new By-laws, I hope you will join me in praying for our church family.  God has blessed us with such a spirit of unity and peace, and we need to continue to depend upon Him and draw strength from Him as we seek to glorify Him.  Also pray for these men and their families, that they and their families will be spiritually prepared to offer humble, biblical leadership to our church family.  Finally, pray for your current pastoral staff.  We are so excited that God has blessed our church with men that are so well qualified and mature in the faith.  Pray that we will help them navigate into these roles as Lay-Pastors in the most effective way possible.  I love you all dearly!